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Is it just a bad night or am I getting bad again?

— I ask myself this all the time (via lonexwxlf)

You have a place in my heart no one else ever could have.

— Fiitzgerald, F. Scott. The Ice Palace.  (via niallhorans)




cop: who the hell ordered all these pizzas

me: you said i got one phone call



i wanna get hot and fit and healthy but like i dont wanna stop living off junk food and watching tv shows and sleeping until 4pm ya feel me





*points to bedroom* This is where we frick frack.

*points to kitchen* This is where we snick snack.

*points to living room* This is where we kick back.

*points to bathroom* This is where we shit shat.

*points to couch* This is where we chit chat.

*points to computer* This is where we click clack.

*points to shelf* This is where weknick knack.

*points to sex dungeon* This is where we paddy-whack. 

What a truly awful website this is

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Jesus Christ- Brand New
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take a moment to realize you have never seen your face in person, just reflections and pictures


some scientists agree that if you saw a clone of yourself, you wouldn’t recognise it as you, because our idea of what we look like is so different from what we actually look like

This gave me anxiety

When “i” is replaced with “we” even illness becomes wellness.

Malcolm X (via amorestavivo)

This changed me.

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